DIY Duct Tape Snack Packs

make your own snack bag

Do you know that there’s a whole exciting world of Duct Tape crafts out there? I learned about all of the possibilities a few years ago when I heard about the Duct Tape Prom scholarship, but there’s so much more than that. Get on Pinterest and search “duct tape crafts”. It is insane what you can do with it.

This week, I had a craft all planned out, but I pushed it back because I wanted to play Duct Tape instead. I started small, since I haven’t done much with this medium. So, I decided to make some snack packs. They took about 15 minutes to make.

DIY snack pack materials

Things You Will Need
Duct Tape
Sandwich bags

duct tape strip

Step 1
Lay the sandwich bag flat and stick the first piece of Duct Tape to the top of the bag.

Repeat step 1 until the bag is fully covered.

snack bag

I started with one side, then flipped it over and taped the other side. If there was any tape that was longer than the bag, I cut it off.

DIY snack pack

These might be the best snack bags I’ve ever had 🙂

make your own snack bag

Let me know what you think.

Happy crafting!

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