DIY Blueberry Muffin Soy Candle

DIY Soy Candle

I’ve wanted to make a soy candle for quite a while. This weekend I picked up some soy that can be microwaved (in case this doesn’t go as planned) and some blueberry muffin scent. I’m pretty excited about this Make Something Mondays 🙂

DIY Soy Candle

Things You Will Need:
Soy wax
Mason Jar

Not pictured: Pot, water, tongs

DIY Soy Candle

Step 1:

Heat up your water. A little less than half of your pot should have water in it. It doesn’t have to boil but it should be close to.

DIY Soy CandleStep 2:

Add some soy to your mason jar.

DIY Soy CandleStep 3:

Using the tongs, pick up your mason jar and put it in the water.

DIY Soy CandleStep 4:

After about 10 mins it will start to melt.

* You might have to add more soy wax to the jar.

DIY Soy CandleStep 5:

When the wax is fully melted take it out of the pot. You want the wax to cool to 125 degrees.

When it gets to that point you can add in whatever scent you want. Make sure you stir it well.

DIY Soy Candle

Step 6:

Put a pencil or utensil over the top of the jar and wrap your wick around it so that it stays put.

Let it dry.

DIY Soy Candle

Make sure you cut the wick to 1/4″ above the wax. There ya go, you’ve got yourself a soy candle!

6 thoughts on “DIY Blueberry Muffin Soy Candle

  1. THIS IS SO AWESOME. I’ve been wanting this soy candle from Hobby Lobby forever, but now I’m going to try to make a go at making my own. Do you add food coloring if you want a colored candle?

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