DIY Citrus Body Scrub

DIY Citrus Body ScrubI love body scrub. The smell and the feeling are unbeatable. For me, body scrubs come in second (runner up to lip balm) in the beauty department. I’ve made my own sugar scrub before, but this time I wanted to try a different kind. I made a citrus scrub with lemon, orange, and honey.

There are actually some benefits of using body scrubs, in case you are interested. Honestly, I have no idea if the benefits are realistic but its worth a shot. you probably have all of the ingredients in your kitchen already. What do you have to lose?

sugar scrub materials

Things You Will Need:
Vegetable oil

sugar scrubStep 1:

Start with 2 cups of sugar. You will probably have to add more but that will come later.

lemon scrub

lemon body scrub

Step 2:

Add your lemon and/or orange to your sugar. I didn’t measure it but I probably used a little less than 1/4 cup. Mix it up. You should have something that looks like the above photo.

Honey and lemon in body scrub

Step 3:

Add in a tablespoon or so of honey and mix well.

DIY Citrus Body Scrub

Step 4:

The last ingredient you will be adding to your sugar scrub is (2 capfuls) vegetable oil. Stir it again.

DIY Citrus Body Scrub

Now you have sugar scrub! It is wonderful. I love it 😀

happy crafting!

11 thoughts on “DIY Citrus Body Scrub

  1. My pocket is hugely affected every 2 months due to the shopping I did for body scrub and the likes, but yes, i will try to attempt to do this soon! THANK YOU! <3

  2. This is a serious question: can you eat it..? Because it looks delicious. Also, I’ll bet the citrus helps to energize you!

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