DIY Coconut Lotion

DIY coconut lotionI have a ton of lotion, but I have no idea what kind of junk is in it. I’ve made my own semi-hommade lotion before, but it doesn’t really count because it was a mixture of different lotions. I’m not wild about the smell of baby lotion anyway. So, I decided to make my own real lotion. I’ve read that you can make lotion out of coconut oil and I had refined coconut oil left over from my last attempt. Why not give it another shot, right?

DIY lotion materialsThings You Will Need:
Essential oils
Refined coconut oil

DIY lotionStep 1:
All you have to do is mash your coconut oil in a jar until it reaches a semi liquid consistency. (It’s going to take a while.)

Add in your essential oils.

FYI: Don’t use a blender or food processor to mix it up. The blades move to fast and it will just become an oily consistency.

Let it sit for a few hours (some people have recommended refrigerating it, but mine was fine without it. Then you can use it.

It was a bit more oily than I like, but not overly oily. It works VERY well though.  I might try it with the unrefined coconut oil next week. I’ve been told that it has a more coconut-y scent and I love that smell. So, if you want to see that, come back next Monday!

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