DIY Decor: Bathroom Storage Jars

DIY Bathroom Storage Jars

I’ve needed some storage jars in my bathroom for quite some time, but my bathroom is small so there’s not much space for bulky storage bags and boxes.

Mason Jars to the rescue! Actually, I upcycled a few old jam and pickle jars because they’re the perfect size for small bathroom needs like q-tips, cotton balls, makeup remover pads, and makeup brushes, and hair ties.

Not only are these storage jars functional, they’re cute, so they make great decor also. You don’t have to hide them in your cabinet like I’m doing. Bathroom cabinetry is a project for another day.

These were an easy decor craft and only took about 20 mins in total. Not too shabby.

DIY bathroom storage jar materials

Materials needed for DIY storage jars

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polka dot fabric tape

Step  1: decorate the jar

Cut a piece of your adhesive fabric paper into a strip long enough to wrap around your jar of choice.

Adhere it to the jar.

polka dot fabic mason jar lid cover

Step  2: decorate the jar lid

Measure the top of the lid (I traced mine onto the back of the paper) and cut out a circle the size of the top of your lid.

Adhere it to the lid.

mason jar lid decor

Step  3: glue the flower on the lid

Glue your scrapbooking flower on to the jar lid.

DIY storage jar idea

Now, you should have a beautifully polka-dotted (if that’s the pattern you chose) jar that will look fantastic in your bathroom.

Repeat the process until you have all the storage you need.

Let me know what you think!

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