DIY Device Charging Station

DIY device charging station

I hate tangled cords. No, it’s really just cords in general… like when all of the phone, tablet, laptop and whatever other chargers are all over the place and wrapped around each other. Drives me nuts. I know, it’s a first world problem and I shouldn’t be complaining about it. I have a rule though. If you’re going to whine about something, you have to come up with a solution to fix it.

Sooo I decided to make a device charging station. I found a desktop organizer and decided that it was going to be my best DIY option. I really liked the wooden ones I found but I don’t have a drill and wasn’t planning on buying one at the time.

I really didn’t like the idea of digging to the bottom of the organizer every time I wanted to charge something, so I decided to flip it on its side. You do whatever works for you.

charging station materials

Device charging station supplies

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holes in charing station

electrical tape fixer

Step 1: cut holes for charging cords

Cut a few holes in the back of each designated space in your organizer.

It’s good that I decided not to be a surgeon because those cuts are pretty rough. I know it doesn’t really matter because no one is going to see the back of it, but it still bothers me. This is why I told you to get electrical tape. It’s still messy, but it’s 100x better than it was.

decorative charging station from desktop organizer

Step 2: decorate with scrapbook paper

Put a light layer of Mod Podge on the organizer, press your pre-cut scrapbook paper against it and firm it out. Let that dry and put another light layer of Mod Podge over top of it. Let it dry.

Repeat until you have the box completely decorated.

phone charging station

Step 3: add your devices

Feed your chargers through the holes in the back and you will have yourself a cute little charging station.

I seriously love this thing! I can charge everything here and I never see the cords. It’s wondrous.

DIY device charging station

What do you think? Let me know in the comments 🙂

Happy crafting!

20 thoughts on “DIY Device Charging Station

  1. I need to do this!! Or something I have like a small box that I store my iPod/charger, Kindle/charger, and headphones. I have about 5 different size boxes in a corner by my bed, it started off a good and clever idea but now it’s getting pretty hectic because there is just too much. I’m actually asking for baskets for Christmas! Lol

    • Ohh my, haha! I definitely recommend this then. Sounds like it’s getting a little out of hand. I think it took me about an hour to make the whole thing. If you have time, give it a shot! And send pictures. I’d love to see the finished product.

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    • Thanks! I think if you’re going to complain about something you need to be the one to find a solution. There’s so many crafts I make to solve my own, or someone else’s, problems. It’s a good way to come up with ideas haha.

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