DIY Glitter Clothespin Magnets

DIY glitter clothespin magnets

If you follow me regularly, you know that I have a small obsession with glitter. It’s one of my favorite craft supplies but I try to talk myself out of using it on everything because I’m aware that many people don’t share my problem. This week, though, I was looking forward to making these glitter magnets. They’re a fun way to spice up your fridge. They’re functional, too, which makes them twice as wonderful.

They take about 15-20 minutes to make and cost $5. Actually, you could buy all of the supplies except Mod Podge at the Dollar Store, so maybe $2?

glitter clothespin magnet materials

DIY Glitter Clothespin Magnet Materials

Mod Podge
Paint brush
Hot Melt glue and gun (not pictured above)

clothespin magnet prep

Step 1

Cover one side of your clothespin with Mod Podge.

Move quickly onto step 2.

glitter clothespin

Step 2

Before your glue dries, cover it with glitter. Make sure to get the corners and edges. They’re easy to miss.

Tap the clothespin on the surface to remove any excess glitter.

Let the glue dry.

glitter sealant

Step 3

Add a thick layer of Mod Podge over the glitter to seal it so you don’t get glitter all over your kitchen.

Let it dry.


Step 4

Hot glue the magnets onto the back side of the clothespin.

glitter clothespins

Stick those beauties to the fridge! Get your business cards, reminders, pictures and anything else that’s important out in the open so you don’t forget about them. Not everything has to be digital, right?

I hope you liked my clothespin magnets and you try making a set of your own. They might even make a cute (and affordable) Christmas gift.

DIY glitter clothespin magnets

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  1. These would be super easy to swap out for different seasons! Red, green, white for Christmas. Silver and Blue for new years. Pink and Red for Valentine’s. The possibilities are endless!

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