DIY Photo Magnets

DIY photo magnets

I’ve noticed a trend in the last year or so. People love personalized gifts; everything from monogramed purses to homemade birthday cards are popping up all over the place. But, many people don’t feel comfortable making gifts for someone else.

To fix that problem, I’ve decided to make a tutorial for a great, personalized gift that anyone can make: photo magnets!

I chose to personalize my photo magnets with photos I took of bridges from my hometown, but you can use whatever imagery you prefer.

If you don’t have Photoshop, a free tool you can use to resize your photos is Pixlr. You don’t have to download anything. You just upload your photo, go to Image in the menu bar, then Image Size. From there you can shrink it down to whatever size you need.

Materials needed to make photo magnets

Photo magnet materials

You can find larger glass tiles, but I linked to the 1″ tiles on Amazon.


glue prep for photo magnets

Step 1

Lightly cover the back of the tile with Diamond Glaze.


back of photo magnet

Step 2

Quickly apply the photo to the back of the tile, face down, so that the image is against the glass.

Press against the back of the photo to distribute the glue evenly.

Let it dry for a few minutes.


magnets attached to tiles

Step 3

Glue the magnets to the back of the photos.

Let it dry.


DIY photo magnets

When the glue dries, you’ll have these adorable photo magnets to give as a gift or keep for yourself.

Photos of a wedding, family or a memorable vacation would be nice images to use for the photo magnets.

Let me know what you think! What images would you use?

6 thoughts on “DIY Photo Magnets

  1. Neat ! ~I use the flat ‘advertising’ magnets that are applied to the new phone book every year (free) & glue photos, then cut faces & objects to size ! Every October run around the house singing “The new Telephone books are here The new Telephone books are here….” 😉

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