DIY Valentine’s Day Mason Jar Gift

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DIY Valentine's Day Mason Jar Gift

Ohhh, Valentine’s Day…

A holiday that’s either loved or hated depending on the person’s relationship status.

I’ve never been wild about the holiday, but I do enjoy chocolate and hearts, so I’ll make it work. Of course, with that in mind, my Valentine’s Day themed craft involves candy. A lot of it!

If the person you want to gift the mason jar to isn’t a fan of sweets, you could fill it with nuts or mints. It’s the thought that matters, right?

This is a quick and easy one (really, it took longer to photograph the process than it did to make the gift). All you need to buy is the candy, jar and ribbon. I have a printable below for the lid insert and heart tag.

Valentine's Day mason jar gift materials

Mason Jar Gift Materials

  • Candy
  • Ribbon
  • Printables
  • Mason Jar
  • Scissors or hole punch

Valentine's Day Mason jar printables

Step 1

Download and print the image above.

Choose the ones you want and cut them out.


Just for you printable

Step 2

Insert the round printable into the lid of the mason jar.


valentine's day printable heart

Step 3

Using scissors or a hole punch, put a small hole in the corner of the heart cut out.


DIY Valentine's Day Mason Jar Gift

String the ribbon through the heart and tie it in a bow around your mason jar.

Now you can gift it to someone special—your significant other, a friend or maybe a parent. Or you can just keep it on your desk at work and eat all of it yourself. Whatever works for you 🙂


The other Valentine’s Day crafts from the Craft Challenge will be posted at some point today. Check out A Pop of Red and Eclectic Enchantments to see the rest of the DIYs!

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