DIY Scarf Organizer For Your Closet

DIY Scarf Organizer

I’m going to bet that many of you have a bunch of scarves, or know someone who has too many. I have about 10, which is getting to be too many for me.

Hanging the scarves over the top of the closet door wasn’t working anymore. I’d grab one and they would all come down with it. I needed a better solution. I looked online for organizers and decided pricing plus shipping wasn’t worth my effort.

Of course, I ended up making my own. To the Dollar Store I went. With the materials listed below, I made my own scarf organizer for less than $2 and in less than 5 minutes. Success!


Scarf organizer materials

Scarf Organizer Materials

  • hanger
  • shower curtain rings

You probably have an extra hanger in your closet.


Scarf organizer technique

Step 1: attach your rings to the hanger

Connect your shower curtain rings to the bottom of the hanger.



DIY Scarf Organizer

String the scarves through the rings and you’re done. Easy peasy!

Now you won’t have random scarves hanging all over your bedroom.

Happy crafting!


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