DIY Side Tables From Wood Crates

side table from wood crates

Happy Monday! I feel like every time I post now I say it’s been a while. This case is no different. I’m working on getting back to a regular posting schedule. As most of you know, I just moved so it’s been time consuming to get my house it order.

Anyway, along with the move, we donated our old side tables and needed new ones. I thought it would be a fun Make Something Mondays craft to make my own. The whole project took 2 days and cost about $40. Not too shabby for two end tables, right?

These crate side tables are super cute and really easy to make. They’re time consuming though because of drying time. As long as you have something to do between spray paint coats, you should have no issues.

Keep reading to make your own!


Side Table Supplies

  • wood feet
  • spray paint
  • wood crate(s)
  • super glue

Supply Notes:

  1. Choose a spray paint that will stick to wood. I chose Design Mater brand in Blue Sky for mine.
  2. I attempted wood glue for the feet before moving to super glue. Wood glue works, but I was nervous that it might not hold.
  3. I got the wood feet at Lowe’s for $1.50 a foot.
  4. Buy crates and spray paint from Michael’s if you can. If you wait for the 20% off entire purchase coupons you can get 2 crates and 2 cans of spray paint for a little less than $30. Win!


Step 1: paint the crates and feet

Spray a few light coats leaving time between each for the paint to dry.

I added 3 coats.


glue feet onto wood crate side table

Step 2: glue the feet to the crate

Very carefully glue the feet to the bottom of your crate. Let the glue dry over night.


When you’re finished, you’ll have a lovely new side table for your living room, bedroom or wherever you need one. I’m a big fan of mine!

Please ignore the crap wallpaper in the background. Along with the new house came horrid wallpaper that we plan to remove this year. I’m very excited to have solid colored walls. Also, if you have any tips for removing wallpaper, I’d love to hear them.

Hope you enjoyed my side table project and try making your own. Happy crafting!

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