Duct Tape Craft: DIY Car Garbage Bag

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DIY car garbage bag made of duct tape

The September Craft Challenge is Duct Tape. Exciting right?!

I’ve done one other Duct Tape craft the entire time I’ve been blogging, so I was itching to do another one. Possibly one that’s a bit more challenging. I thought about making a purse, but I know I’m not going to use it. I also thought about a Halloween costume (but it’s too early for that). Eventually, I settled on a car garbage bag. It’s definitely the cutest garbage bag that’s ever been in my car!

It’s really easy to make, took about 40 minutes and $10. Not too shabby. If you want to make your own, keep reading.

diy duct tape garbage bag materials

DIY Duct Tape Garbage Bag Materials

Duct Tape
Garbage bag
Scissors/X-acto knife
Cardboard or cutting mat

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garbage bag layout

Step 1

Position your garbage bag over your cutting mat and measure and draw the layout for your cuter garbage bag.

I made mine more like a square (because I assumed I’d probably cut off more than I planned, which I did).

Remember the size you wanted. You’re going to need it in step 3.

duct tape bag craft

Step 2

Add strips of Duct Tape over your drawn layout on the bag.

I really tried to match up the patterns but it just wasn’t working in some places. If you choose a detailed pattern, you might run into the same issues.

Repeat on other side.

duct tape bag outline

Step 3

Redraw your layout on top of the Duct Tape.

Cut off the excess.

duct tape swirl pattern

Step 4

Now, you have two square-ish pieces. Position one above the other, pattern facing up, and Duct Tape them together.

garbage bag edges

Step 5

Fold one piece over the other so that the bag is on the inside and the sides you Duct Taped together are at the bottom.

Fold in the bottom right corner like in the image above. Then, Duct Tape those sides together.

Make sure You tape the corners you just folded inward so nothing gets stuck in there later. Yuck.

Repeat on the other side.

duct tape garbage bag handle

duct tape bag handle

Step 6

Now we’re going to make the bag handle and the size will be determined by the location you plan to hang the bag. Since I have my garbage bag hanging from my shifter, I made a smaller one. You might want to consider hanging yours off of the back of your seat so your kids can easily throw away their trash. If that’s the case, you’ll want to make sure the handle fits over your head rest.

Cut a piece of Duct Tape to fit your needs and fold it in half.

Then, tape it to your bag.

duct tape accent color

Step 7

Now for the accent color. Take a piece of your accent tape and fold it over the top of each piece of the bag like the image above.

If you want a thicker band you can add another strip that doesn’t fold over the top.

Tip: It’s easier to tape one side at a time.

duct tape car garbage bag

When you’re finished, you should have something like this.

DIY car garbage bag made of duct tape

Go hang it in your car and you’re done! You can put a mini garbage bag inside of your much cuter bag if you want. Since the worse thing I’m going to throw in there are bags and crumbs, I’m not too worried about it. But if you’re going to be throwing coffee cups and other things that leak in there, you might want to consider some extra protection.

Next month’s Craft Challenge is going to be Halloween. If you have any ideas for me, I’d love to hear them!

Make sure you check out the other Craft Challenge blogger’s posts today. I’m excited to see what they’ve made!

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