Christmas Gift Ideas for Him 2014

I’ve always hated buying people gift cards. It’s not that dislike receiving them, but it’s like saying I really have no idea what you like so here’s a gift card. If that person is important enough for you to buy something for, then you should have an idea of what they enjoy. Soooo I’m here to help you out.

I’m a big fan of Etsy so you’ll see a lot of ideas from that site. If you haven’t been on it yet, I highly recommend it. Products are a little more expensive, but they’re worth it and you’re supporting small businesses. You’ll also get a gift from there that is much more unique than you’ll find in stores.

Here’s my 2014 list of gift ideas for him. Let me know what you think, and if you have any ideas to add, please leave them in the comments. You’ll be helping a lot, trust me!

Ohhh, and if you’re looking for ideas for the lady, check out gift ideas for her, too!

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Shop: RockyMountainWood

6-pack wooden beer carrier

6-pack wooden beer carrier- $39.99

I got my boyfriend one of these wooden beer carriers for Christmas this year and gave it to him early. He makes his own beer, so he’s constantly taking it along to events and parties. But transporting it in those flimsy cardboard carriers just wasn’t working out. This has served him well. I would highly recommend it.

Shop: signaturetshirts

Funny beard t-shirt

Funny beard t-shirt- $14.95

If you have a male friend who has pride in his beard, he might appreciate this funny t-shirt. “With great beard comes great responsibly.” At least it’s entertaining.

Shop: TheBestManGifts

Travel cigar case and humidor

Travel cigar case and humidor- about $49.95 (depends on purchase choices).

If the guy you’re buying for smokes cigars, you might want to consider getting him a travel humidor. Humidors keep cigars fresh until you’re ready to smoke them. Humidors you can travel with are a double thumbs up! Make sure you know what kind of cigars he prefers before you buy it, though. This case is relatively small and holds 3 Cigars of 48 Ring Gauge and 6.5 inch length. Some guys prefer the big cigars of 60 ring gauge and 7 inches. Take a look around at this shop while your at it. It’s called The Best Man Gifts so your likely to find something he likes if you didn’t find something here.

Shop: undulatingcontours

Wooden phone dock

Wooden phone dock- $36.00

I love this thing. I made my own device charging station a few weeks ago because I felt like all of my cords were disorganized and tangled. This might be an alternative. Especially if he lives alone and isn’t sharing chargers with anyone else. He can put his wallet, phone, watch and other essentials on it before he goes to bed. Very nice and elegant looking.

Shop: RCPersonalizedGifts

Personalized men's watch box

Personalized men’s watch box- $44.24

I know quite a few men with a watch obsession and I’m sure that all of them would appreciate a place to store all of their precious watches. What guy could argue with black leather and a monogramed glass top?

Shop: JooJoobs

Treasure chest wallet

Treasure chest wallet- $39.00

If he’s on the lookout for a wallet, Etsy is the place to go, and this little shop has some of the best one’s I’ve seen. very unique styles and good quality products.

From Amazon

Electric wine bottle open

Electric wine bottle open- $24.99

I know this isn’t a necessity by any means, and it’s really not that hard to get the cork out of the wine bottle, but have you ever seen this thing in action? It’s pretty cool to watch, especially through the clear bottom. If he likes wine, he might enjoy this gift.

12 gauge coaster set

12 gauge coaster set- $27.47

How much more manly can a coaster get? They’re designed to look like the bottom of a 12 gauge shotgun shell and come in a flattering holder. Perfect for the man cave.

AeroPress coffee (and espresso) maker

AeroPress coffee (and espresso) maker- $25.32

My boyfriend bought me of these for Christmas and it makes the best coffee I’ve ever tasted: very smooth and not bitter at all. It takes longer to make than the average pot of coffee, but the wait is totally worth it. If he’s a coffee addict, or even a coffee snob, he WILL love this.

If you want more ideas for him, check out the ongoing list I have on my blog (some are for birthdays or Valentine’s Day, but are still worth checking out) or you can take a look at my Treasury List on Etsy. This is where many of these ideas came from.

2 thoughts on “Christmas Gift Ideas for Him 2014

  1. Love the treasure chest wallet and 12 gauge coasters. They are something I could see my husband using.Overall a great list, thanks for not sticking to the stereotypical things!

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