DIY Halloween Luminary

DIY halloween luminary

If you’ve followed my blog for any length of time, you know that I love candles. It’s actually surprising to me how many candle related crafts I’ve made, from the actual candle to holders, and now luminaries.

Fall and Halloween are known for their candle crafts. There’s something… I don’t know, mysterious, or maybe eerie, about candles during this season, so luminaries are the perfect addition to your decor.

This one is incredibly easy to make and you’ll be so happy with the result. Turn the lights off and you’ll have dancing shadows all night long.

Get the supply list below to make your own. There are links to these products if you’re unsure of where to find them.

homemade luminary supplies

Glass luminary supplies

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halloween luminary tutorial steps

Step 1: adhere the scrapbook paper to the candle holder

Adhere your scrapbook paper to the glass with Mod Podge and your brush.

I suggest fitting the scrapbook paper and making the necessary folds before you start gluing.

candle luminary

Step 2: add your candle

Choose your favorite candle, or flameless candle if you prefer, and place it inside your holder. Turn it on or light it.

glass luminary

I love the way the light dances inside and casts shadows on the nearby surfaces. It’s so pretty! I could watch it all night. Flip the lights off and enjoy it for yourself.

I’d love to get your feedback. Leave it in the comments!

Happy crafting!

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