DIY Interchangeable Beaded Earrings

diy interchangeable beaded earrings

If you have your ears pierced, I’m sure you have a favorite pair of earrings that you wear frequently.

One of my favorites is a pair that I can change the appearance of. The brand is Mix and Mingle and it allows you to change the beads used.

I decided to make these my craft this week because I recently discovered that people have no idea they exist. I need to spread the word!

So, grab the supplies below and follow the steps to make your own interchangeable beaded earrings!

earring supplies

Changeable earring supplies

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interchangeable drop earrings

Step 1: Unwind the base of the drop earring

Unwind the drop earring bottom.

beaded drop earrings

Step 2: slide on your bead

Slide the bead on the long silver piece and re-secure the base.

These are compatible with most pandora bracelet beads and knock-off beads. Check your packaging just to make sure the brand you choose is compatible.

diy interchangeable beaded earrings

Beautiful! A fast way to make cute and simple earrings. You can switch out the beads whenever you want. A great gift for friends and family too!

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