DIY Pumpkin Vase Fall Decor

diy pumpkin vase home decor

I know it’s getting a bit late in the year for this, but I’ve wanted to make a pumpkin vase for a while now, so here we are.

Most of my decor crafts are versatile and multifunctional for several holidays because I don’t like to store much. I doubt I can have my pumpkin vase sitting on my table in July without any questioning me. Then again, what do I care?

This is my exception to the holiday no decorating rule because it’s so adorable. I love the color of the flowers and the contrast against the white pumpkin. I might just keep it out all year round.

It’s an extremely easy craft to make so if you’d like to give it a shot, grab the supplies and follow the steps below!

pumpkin vase supplies

Pumpkin vase supplies

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By the way, I bought my craft pumpkin right at the end of the Halloween season at Michael’s so if you’re looking for one after the holiday, you might have a hard time finding it. I looked for good alternatives on Amazon and Michael’s but didn’t find any that I would buy, so I didn’t want to share them.

Other options:

I also used seasonal fake flowers from Michael’s but couldn’t find the same ones on the website, so I added a link for some fall mums that would look great in your pumpkin.

pumpkin craft ideas

Step 1: cut the stem off of the pumpkin

Using your knife, remove the stem from the pumpkin, but make sure you cut a hole large enough to fit your can inside.

craft pumpkin fall decor ideas

Step 2: glue your tin can into the pumpkin

Using the hot glue, adhere your can to the middle of the pumpkin’s base. It won’t take long to dry.

flower vase homemade

Step 3: arrange your flowers inside the tin can

Arrange your flowers so that they vary (orange, red, leaves, etc.) to display variety in your vase. You don’t want all of the orange flowers together and likewise with the others.

Fake flowers make arranging them much easier. You can twist and bend the flower stems to get the perfect position.

Obviously, cut and trim the stems if necessary to get different heights.

diy pumpkin vase home decor

That’s it! You’ve got yourself a pumpkin vase. This one is perfect for fall decor or even a Thanksgiving centerpiece for your table. Especially if the table is small and you don’t have room for something elaborate.

I’d love to get your feedback so leave it in the comments below.

Happy crafting!

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