DIY Lemon Peppermint Room Spray

I’m sure there are weird smells in your home. I bought a house with ancient carpet that needs to be replaced ASAP, so I feel your pain. I feel like I’m constantly cleaning, even though it’s not dirty. It’s completely irrational. So, one day, I tried room spray.  🙌 🙌 🙌

That changed everything! Ever since then I’ve been on a kick of trying different kinds. Many of you know that I’m not a fan of commercial cleaners and such, so obviously I would try to find a way to make my own. Well, I’ve finally created the perfect recipe for room spray.

This one is lemon peppermint-scented because I think the combination of smells is invigorating. Mmmmm!

If you want to make your own, you’re in luck because it’s super easy. You’ll be done in less than 10 minutes.

Homemade Room Spray Supplies

Tip: if you’re buying both lemon and peppermint essential oils, go with the Doterra intro pack. It’s much cheaper.

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room spray recipe

Step 1: combine your supplies

Yep, seriously, all of them in this order:

  1. Half the bottle: distilled water
  2. Half the bottle: witch hazel
  3. 10 drops of peppermint
  4. 20 drops of lemon

Shake it up and you’re done. Start freshening up your house!

I’m going to try some more festive scents in December like orange and rosemary, or possibly cinnamon something. If you have any good ideas, please leave them in the comments!

Happy crafting!

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