DIY Lemon Peppermint Room Spray

I’m sure there are weird smells in your home. I bought a house with ancient carpet that needs to be replaced ASAP, so I feel your pain. I feel like I’m constantly cleaning, even though it’s not dirty. It’s completely irrational. So, one day, I tried room spray.  🙌 🙌 🙌

That changed everything! Ever since then I’ve been on a kick of trying different kinds. Many of you know that I’m not a fan of commercial cleaners and such, so obviously I would try to find a way to make my own. Well, I’ve finally created the perfect recipe for room spray.

This one is lemon peppermint-scented because I think the combination of smells is invigorating. Mmmmm!

If you want to make your own, you’re in luck because it’s super easy. You’ll be done in less than 10 minutes.

Homemade Room Spray Supplies

Tip: if you’re buying both lemon and peppermint essential oils, go with the Doterra intro pack. It’s much cheaper.

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room spray recipe

Step 1: combine your supplies

Yep, seriously, all of them in this order:

  1. Half the bottle: distilled water
  2. Half the bottle: witch hazel
  3. 10 drops of peppermint
  4. 20 drops of lemon

Shake it up and you’re done. Start freshening up your house!

I’m going to try some more festive scents in December like orange and rosemary, or possibly cinnamon something. If you have any good ideas, please leave them in the comments!

Happy crafting!

DIY Lemon Lavender Yoga Mat Cleaner

yoga mat spray with lemon and lavender

Have you ever thought about the germs on your yoga mat? I think about it too much.

For the most part, mine stays in my house with the exception of my patio and a yoga studio now and then. But your mat can absorb a lot of grossness from all of these places, not to mention your sweaty body rolling all over it.

Answer this question honestly: how often do you clean your yoga mat?

If you sighed when you read that, let me give you some motivation. A few years ago there was a lab study of 13 yoga mats from a local gym and a yoga studio and found Staph, yeast build-up (a form of fungus), fecal matter, allergens, and millions of bacteria. There’s more, but I won’t spoil it all for you if you want to read it on your own.

Just because it’s your mat and your germs, doesn’t mean you don’t need to clean it. Obviously, it’s important to clean your yoga mat after every use. I get it though, yoga mat cleaners can be expensive especially if you want something environmentally friendly and safe for your household.

How do we solve that problem? We make our own, of course! This yoga mat spray cleaner is a recipe I’ve used for years. It works well and I love it.

The essential oils I use are always DoTerra. I know… everyone has an opinion about essential oils. You can use whatever brand you want. If you want to use the ones I use, there’s a link to a starter kit in the supply list below and getting 3 oils in that kit is cheaper than buying 2 of them individually, most of the time.

lemon lavender yoga mat cleaner

Yoga Mat Cleaner Supplies

My content contains affiliate links to products I use and love. If you take action (purchase, subscribe) after clicking the links, I get some crafting money which helps me continue to write awesome tutorials for you! This costs you nothing but enables you to support my work. 

essential oils yoga mat spray

Step 1: add the lemon and lavender essential oils

Add 4 drops of each essential oil and shake the bottle to mix them together.

Don’t worry, you can add more later if you’re not sure how much you want. Start small and work your way up!

yoga mat cleaner

Step 2: use Witch Hazel as your cleaner

Fill your spray bottle with Witch Hazel and shake to mix with the oils.

At this point, you might want to add a few more drops of essential oils, depending on your preferences. I like a stronger smell, so I added a few more drops of lemon in mine.

yoga mat spray with lemon and lavender

That’s it! Now all you have to do is grab a soft cloth and wipe down your mat. Give it a few minutes to dry before rolling it up or starting your yoga practice.

If you’re not crazy about lemon and lavender, I made a version with peppermint and lemongrass If you’re not crazy about lemon and lavender. This is also a go-to scent for me!

Have you tried making your own cleaner before? What did you think? I’d love to get your feedback. Leave it in the comments.

Happy crafting!

DIY Swiffer Pads from Felt

diy swiffer pads felt

I spend a lot of time cleaning. Well, time and money. I complained a few weeks ago about the lack of eco-friendliness and the expense of products like disposable cleaning wipes and I have the same feelings about cleaning pads for Swiffers.

Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE my Swiffer, and it certainly makes my life easier, but the cleaning pads, dry and wet, are not great to be cleaning with. There are ingredients that concern me regarding toxicity, respiratory issues and much more. Check out the link above if you want to read about it yourself. These products are also disposable and can get expensive over time. I just don’t think it’s necessary.

Of course, when I find a need for something, I try to make it. This scenario is no different. This DIY replacement is super easy, too!

All you need is a few supplies and you might have them lying around your house. If not, that’s okay! I have links below to help you find them.

felt material and scissors

Reusable Swiffer pad supplies

My content contains affiliate links to products I use and love. If you take action (purchase, subscribe) after clicking the links, I get some crafting money which helps me continue to write awesome tutorials for you! This costs you nothing but enables you to support my work. 

felt pads for Swiffer

Step 1: cut your felt pads

Measure your felt to 8.5×11″ and cut.

If you don’t have a tape measure or ruler, you can always just use a piece of standard US paper because it’s the same size. Your measurements don’t have to be 100% accurate either because we’re cleaning with these, not hanging them somewhere for all to see.

diy swiffer pads felt

Step 2: attach the felt pads to your sweeper

Lay the felt pad on the floor and attach it to your Swiffer like you would the regular cleaning pads.

diy swiffer pads

Step 3: choose a cleaning product

Grab a multipurpose or floor cleaner that you like and get to cleaning!

I really like Mrs. Meyers Clean Day products, but you can use whatever you want.

That’s it! Super easy, right?

When you’re done, you can rinse off the felt pad and toss it in with your laundry, wash and reuse! I love that.

Note: these won’t fray when washed but they will shrink. It’s beneficial to pre-wash before using.

Also, if you’re interested in more eco-friendly, better-for-you cleaning products, I highly recommend checking out Grove. On this site, you can buy natural cleaning products like Mrs. Meyers, Method, Seventh Generation, etc., as a subscription. I’ve used it for about 6 months now and really like it.

I’d love to hear your thoughts! Would you like to try reusable cleaning options? Leave them in the comments.

DIY Reusable Cleaning Wipes

diy reusable cleaning wipes

Do you buy disposable cleaning wipes? I used to all the time, but then I started thinking better of it. Even the ones that are compostable aren’t the greatest. I’d rather have a product I can reuse.

Why Disposable Wipes Aren’t Ideal

Three reasons:

  • Not Environmentally-Friendly: paper products are thrown away so often. They can be replaced with a reusable alternative and we can keep our houses clean and put less in the landfills.
  • Harmful Side Effects: Many of the store-bought brands we’re familiar with contain toxic chemicals with harmful side effects. For example, Clorox wipes contain ingredients that can cause respiratory problems and Lysol wipes also have risks for respiratory and cancer. No thanks. Check out the Environmental Working Group’s guide to Healthy Cleaning to learn more about the products you’re cleaning with.
  • Financially Wasteful: They might seem cheap if you’re buying a container at a time, but let’s assume you like your home very clean and you buy the bigger canisters to save on money. They cost about $8. So if you buy one of those a month you’re looking at $86/year for something you throw in the trash.

How do you feel about that? I feel crappy about it, so I decided to make my own cleaning wipes with a non-toxic cleaner that will make my house smell lovely. If you’d like to do the same, grab the supplies below and follow the steps.

Cleaning Wipes Supplies

diy cleaning wipes supplies

I got the cloths and sponges at Family Dollar for $4 and spent about $25 dollars on everything. That’s much better than $86, right?

I got a small jar for the bathroom wipes and a large jar for the microfiber cloths and sponges. You can use whatever sizes work best for you.

My content contains affiliate links to products I use and love. If you take action (purchase, subscribe) after clicking the links, I get some crafting money which helps me continue to write awesome tutorials for you! This costs you nothing but enables you to support my work. 

jar cleaning solution

Step 1: Fill your jars with water

Take your jars to the sink and fill them about halfway with warm water.

castile soap cleaning solution

Step 2: Mix in the Castile Soap

Check your bottle the recommended dilution for the size of jar you have. Then mix the soap with the water and stir.

Step 3: Add the Cloths

Fold your cloth set to a size that will fit in your jar and squeeze them in!

diy reusable cleaning wipes

There you go. 5 minutes later you have your very own REUSABLE cleaning wipes. When there’s a mess to clean up, or you’re just tiding and wiping everything down, take a sponge or cloth, do your thing and throw the cloth in the laundry when you’re finished.

For the sponges you  have two options:

  • throw it in the dishwasher
  • microwave it

I’m not kidding! You can microwave your sponges. I learned this recently and it’s changed everything.

Give it a go and let me know what you think! Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

By the way, I know it’s been a while since we talked. I’m sorry 🙁 But you’ll be happy to know I’m back in action. I have a ton of great projects planned out for the rest of the year and I’m excited to craft with you regularly again! Thanks for not giving up on me. You’ll see some great changes coming soon. Stay tuned. Talk soon!

DIY Lemon Essential Oil Car Air Freshener

DIY lemon car air freshener

Over the last few years, I’ve made and tested a lot of air fresheners. Essential oil air fresheners are my favorite because I know I’m not breathing in crappy chemicals, they smell wonderful and the scent lingers for a long time. Today, I want to make an air freshener for my car.

To make one of your own, you’re going to need the following:


car air freshener supplies

Felt lemon air freshener supplies

  • felt
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • lemon oil
  • hot melt glue and gun (not pictured)
  • a lid with different sized top and opening*

*You don’t necessarily need a lid. You just need two circles that are different sizes, one a little smaller than the other.

The lid I chose had a smaller top than opening. It worked well for this project.


felt lemon supplies

Step 1: cut out the pieces for the lemon

Trace your circles on two different pieces of felt. One should be yellow and the other should be off white or a lighter yellow.

Cut them out.


felt lemon in-progress

Step 2: cut your lemon in half

Cut both circles in half and glue the lighter yellow felt on top of the yellow.


lemon air freshener

Step 3: add lemon triangles

This step is a little tricky and it comes in parts.

A. Trace and cut another circle in yellow felt. This cicle should be the size of your smaller circle. Then cut it in half. I cut mine down just a little bit smaller by eyeballing it. Feel free to use another small circle stencil if you need to.

B. Cut the half circle into 4 segments. These are going to be little yellow triangles you see in the image above.

C. Glue your triangles in place.

Don’t think about it too much, or you’ll overdo it.


DIY lemon car air freshener

Add many drops of lemon essential oil onto the little yellow triangles. (The lemon oil is tinted, so it will stain the white felt.) Maybe 10-20 depending on your scent preference.

You’re finished. Now you can place your air freshener anywhere in your car you’d like. You can even use a hole punch and tie a ribbon through it if you want to hang it over your mirror. I think I’m leaving mine in my center console.

Try to make air fresheners with other fruit shapes an colors too. Limes and grapefruits might be a good option!

Let me know what you think. Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Happy crafting!!



DIY Dryer Sheets with Essential Oils

diy dryer sheets with essential oils

Store bought dryer sheets are gross. They’re filled with chemicals that get into our clothes and onto our skin. I don’t know about you, but I’m not into that.

I started using dryer balls not too long ago and I like them a lot. However, they’re pretty loud thumping around the dryer. I was looking for an alternative and a friend (thanks, Kel) recommended that I make my own dryer sheets.

Now this method involves vinegar, which I HATE the smell of. Hate is probably an understatement. As you can imagine, I was apprehensive about getting vinegar anywhere near my clothes. Surprisingly, you can’t smell it at all after you pull them out of the dryer. I’m hooked!

The best part is that you probably have most of the stuff to make your own dryer sheets already.


supplies to make dryer sheets

Supplies needed to make your own dryer sheets

  • fabric
  • scissors
  • white vinegar
  • essential oils
  • glass jar/container
  • 1/2 measuring cup

If you need/want essential oils, you can get a great starter pack on Amazon of lemon, lavender and mint. I like doTerra oils.


vinegar & essential oil cleaning combo

Step 1: combine vinegar with essential oils

First, pour half a cup of vinegar into the jar.

Then put about 10 drops of essential oils into to jar. 10 drops per oil.

Mix the liquids together.


fabric scrap sheets

Step 2: cut the fabric scraps

Cut your fabric scraps into rectangles. I didn’t measure, as you can see. But the shortest one is about 6 inches tall.


dryer sheets from fabric scraps

Step 3: soak the fabric sheets

Fold your scraps in half and place them into your jar.

Put the lid on and shake it so the vinegar and essential oil mixture soaks the fabric sheets.


dryer sheets made with essential oils & vinegar

These are a great substitute for those yucky dryer sheets.

When you’re ready, wring out one of the fabric sheets and throw it in the dryer with your clothes. Turn on the dryer and your good to go.


diy dryer sheets with essential oils

I’d love to hear what you think. Have you tried this before? Are you thinking about it? Leave your thoughts/feedback in the comments.

Happy crafting!



DIY Gym Bag Air Freshener

DIY gym bag air freshener

Do we have any gym go-ers here? I’ve been a regular for a long time, but the gym has always been so close to my house that I’ve never needed a gym bag for clothes. About two months ago I started going to gym closer to where I work, which means I need to carry a gym bag now. Which also means I don’t like the smell of my gym bag.

So, what do I do when when I have a problem? I usually DIY a fix for it and this is no exception. You know those scent booster beads you can buy in a laundry section at the grocery store? Turns out, they make a great freshener for your smelly gym bag, too!


gym bag air freshener supplies

Gym bag air freshener supplies

  • small gift bag
  • fabric scent boost beads


fabric freshener beads

Step 1: prepare your scent boosters

Fill the cap about halfway full with beads.


gain air freshener

Step 2: Pour in the scent beads

Pour your capful of scent boosters into the bag. Pull the ribbons on each side to close the bag.

Make sure you tie them together tightly. You don’t want them to spill out in your bag. That wouldn’t be fun to clean up.


DIY gym bag air freshener

That’s it! Plop your new air freshener in your bag and you’re done.

Mine was in my bag for 5 mins before I stopped smelling anything else. I’m convinced that this works long term. Give it a shot and let me know what you think. Or do you have a better DIY air freshener? Please share if so.

Happy crafting!



DIY Peppermint Lemongrass Yoga Mat Cleaner

diy yoga mat cleaner lemongrass peppermint

Yoga has been such a great part of my life for the past, I don’t know, 7 years. One thing I struggled to find that I liked was a cleaner for my yoga mat. I’ve tried a bunch of store-bought variations, but they either don’t work or leave a strange smell on the mat. I’m not a big fan of that. It was time I tried to make my own and I’m pretty happy with the results.

The cleaner only includes 2-3 ingredients and you might have them already. I chose to mix two oils together, but you can use one if you prefer. Find a scent you like and go with it.


yoga mat spray supplies

Yoga Mat Cleaner Supplies

My content contains affiliate links to products I use and love. If you take action (purchase, subscribe) after clicking the links, I get some crafting money which helps me continue to write awesome tutorials for you! This costs you nothing but enables you to support my work. 


essential oils yoga mat spray

Step 1: add your essential oils

Add 4 drops of each essential oil and shake the bottle to mix them together.


yoga mat spray witch hazel

Step 2: use Witch Hazel as your base

Fill your spray bottle with Witch Hazel and shake to mix with the oils.


diy yoga mat cleaner lemongrass peppermint

You’re done already! Spray down your yoga mat and wipe it down with a soft cloth to get it clean. Give it some time to dry and you’ll be ready to start your practice in no time (without having to worry about sweat on your mat).

I’d love to hear what you think! Do you like the oils I chose? What would you choose? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Happy crafting!




DIY Essential Oils Air Freshener with Baking Soda

DIY homemade air freshener

I hate the air fresheners you buy in stores. Granted, some smell really good for for like a day, but really all you’re doing is breathing in things you shouldn’t. I’ve read a lot about it because I like candles or anything that keeps a room smelling fresh. I don’t know if that’s all true, and I’m certainly not trying to freak anyone out, but I’m not willing to take chances. That’s why I always make my own.

Today, lemongrass was my scent of choice. It’s made with a few ingredients and you probably have at least one of those in your kitchen right now.

Interested in making your own? Keep reading.


homemade air freshener supplies

Homemade air freshener supplies

  • glass
  • essential oil
  • baking soda
  • ribbon (not pictured)
  • square piece of fabric (not pictured)

I used an old sampling glass but you can use whatever jar you have available.


jar of baking soda

Step 1: freshen up with baking soda

Baking soda helps to neutralizing odors so we’re going to use it as the main ingredient in out air freshener.

Pour your baking soda into the glass/jar. I usually fill mine about half way.


essential oil lemongrass

Step 2: add the scent

Pour in 5-7 drops of oil and mix it around with a fork. The prongs on the fork help to mash up the oiled baking soda and allow you to disperse the oil more evenly.

Repeat 3-4 times until you’re happy with the smell.


air freshener

Step 3: cover and fasten

Use your square fabric to cover the top of the glass and tie it shut with a bow.


DIY homemade air freshener

Place it anywhere you’d like and shake it up when you can’t smell it anymore. You can always add more essential oil, too!

You should change it out every month or so to keep the room smelling fresh.

If you’re interested in more replacements to air fresheners and candles, try some grapefruit wax melts!

DIY Grapefruit Candle Wax Melts

Happy crafting!

DIY Air Freshener

DIY air freshener

This DIY air freshener is potentially one of the easiest, effective crafts I have ever made for Make Something Mondays. It doesn’t look like much but, I promise, it works well.

DIY air freshener materialsThing You Will Need:
Baking Soda
Essential oils


DIY air freshener

Step 1:
Pour the Baking Soda into the jar until it fills up about 1/4 of the jar. Maybe a little less.


DIY air freshenerStep 2:
Add some drops of each of the essential oils of your choice. It will eventually form clumps from the oil, so make sure you break them up with your fingers or a spoon.

You can add a lid with holes in it if your want to, but I plan to leave mine open.

DIY air freshener


You’re done! It took about 5 minutes and it smells fantastic! I used Dotera Oils (lavender and lemon) and put the air freshener in my bathroom. It smells soooooo good!

Happy crafting!