Anamorphic Scultptures by artist Jonty Hurwitz

I found Jonty Hurwitz via IGNANT and had to share it! How amazing are these sculptures?!

These anamorphic sculptures were created by Jonty Hurwitz, a London-based artist. The sculptures only reveal what they really are in a reflective element, such as the reflective cylinder. While studying for his engineering degree, Hurwitz discovered that science could be used as an art and each of this forms comes from that realization. These anamorphic sculptures are his study of how we perceive space and are the stroke of over 1 billion calculations and algorithms.

See more of Jonty Hurwitz work:
Jonty Hurwitz Portfolio



7 thoughts on “Anamorphic Scultptures by artist Jonty Hurwitz

  1. You won’t believe this! I met Jonty today on Twitter when he started following Awakenings and visited his site. Pictures of his twisted Rejuvenation artwork received 5 million hits in 36 hours, causing a twitter storm shortly after a photo of the sculpture was posted on This particular artwork is the 4th – 6th photos you shared.

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