“Dear Me: A Letter to Myself”

Thanks to searching through tracilee.wordpress.com’s blog I found an article called “Dear Me: A Letter to my 16 Year Old Self”.  I thought it was a great idea. As a teenager I was much different than I am now and if I could go back and tell myself that when I was somewhere between 13 and 16 I would.

Dear Megan,

The world does not revolve around you; life is not fair. I know you have heard this more times than you wanted to, but the sooner you accept it the faster your life will fall into place.

  • Quit being mouthy, you need to find a better way to communicate because offending people won’t get you what you want.  Your parents love you and only want what is best for you. In the future, they are much more helpful to you than you can imagine. They raised you to be independent for a reason.
  • You should take more computer classes in high school, try to find something creative. this will set you 3 years ahead of where you could have been freshman year of college.
  • Your sketchbook will become more important than you think…
  • You become a different person after you get a serious job. Embrace it because it is for the best.
  • Be more open-minded.

Your high school years will not be the “best years of your life”. You definitely have more to look forward to. College will be more than your expected. You will meet many different kinds of people, work too much, study too much, and will have a second home… the Art Department.

  • You will spend more time in the Art Department than you do in your dorm/apartment.
  • Your roommate is not going to sacrifice you (despite her gothic appearance on Myspace). When you find out that she is already friends with someone you are close to, you are going to freak out. It is going to be okay. These two girls will be your best friends.
  • You will meet someone who wants a ferret as much as you do but you shouldn’t talk to her and DEFINITELY should not move in with her. She will be the bane of your existence for 2 years.
  • When you meet someone who is willing to dye your hair blonde, don’t do it. It will turn orange and you will spend just as much money, if not more, to get it neutralized and color corrected. Not to mention, you miss your economics class because of it (tragic).
  • Speaking of econ, Don’t listen to Kelly when she helps you pick your Econ professor, she is the only student who likes her. 😉
  • Go out more.
  • You will find the love of your life here, you don’t know him yet…

3 thoughts on ““Dear Me: A Letter to Myself”

  1. I am sitting in that same chair in the picture as I read this.

    Thank you for letting me be a part of all of those memories. I especially liked the one about your roommate not sacrificing you (I told you! and if I had known for sure who it was BEFORE move-in day, I could have assured you more) and not letting me give you advice on picking an Econ prof. In my “letter to my 16 year old self’ I would put…If your best friend asks you for help with her Econ homework, don’t do it. You will get one of the worst migraines of your life, no joke.

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