Google Art Project

Now Has 35,000 Works Of Art

Google announced that it has added 29 new art organizations from 14 countries to its Google Art Project, which makes paintings, sculptures, street art, and photographs viewable online. These include the Istanbul Modern Art Museum, Art Gallery Of South Australia, Museum of Palazzo Vecchio, and Princeton University, to name a few.

In addition to the new art, Google has added some new features to the Art Project experience. There is a new “Compare” button on the toolbar on the left of the screen for each painting.

“This allows you to examine two pieces of artwork side-by-side to look at how an artist’s style evolved over time, connect trends across cultures or delve deeply into two parts of the same work,” explains Piotr Adamczyk from Google Art Project.


Google Art Project

View The Google Art Project here.

3 thoughts on “Google Art Project

  1. I worry about these big companies and how they control access to how a lot of peoples view of at literature and the news. Because they even tailor your searches now. Worrying for me, I don’t like the creep of quiet unseen controls.

    Sorry, for such a downer on what is a bright and cheerful post.


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