New York Weekend

I went to New York for the weekend and it was a good time. My best friend got engaged in Central Park as well. Good, yet crazy weekend.

FYI: there will be no Make Something Mondays this week. I was going to look for some inspiration while in New York but, surprisingly, didn’t find much. So I will be skipping this week 🙁

We went to St. Paul’s church



The World Trade Center



Time Square



The Brooklyn Brewery





And some random beat sites along the way




6 thoughts on “New York Weekend

  1. My family has visited NYC for various reasons. The most recent trip is part of a tradition my wife and I started with our first child. For their 10th birthday, we take them on a NYC weekend. They get to pick where we go throughout the weekend, plus the must-do activities of seeing Central Park and riding in a taxi cab. Then, my wife makes their very own scrapbook of the weekend with pictures, stickers, subway tickets, etc.

    Anyway, the picture of the World Trade Center monument reminded me of what turned out to be a far-more emotional moment than I had anticipated. While we were searching for the name we knew locally, I saw at least two women’s names that also listed ‘unborn child.’ I can’t imagine how dark of an emotional place it would be to deal with, not only the loss of a spouse/significant other…but also a child, not even born. I also can’t imagine the amount of hate and anger one would need to possess to be able to take life, especially new life, from this Earth. I wasn’t sure initially how the WTC monument would capture the essence of that day, but after experiencing it in person – I felt it was very powerful.

    p.s. You’ve captured some very cool pictures here…..just had to share my NYC moment.

    • That tradition you have is really awesome. I don’t know where you are from, but I am from a very small rural town, so experiencing NYC is something really amazing for me. I wish I had to chance to travel there when I was young but I didn’t go until my freshman year of college. It is a very unique experience. Especially when you realize that it is nothing like the movies. Nothing at all like that. I really do enjoy your tradition though. The scrapbook idea is awesome as well. How many kids do you have?

      The monuments were very moving. You could almost feel the people are you grieving. I went over Veteran’s Day weekend so there were a lot of vets visiting the area with family. It was a sad day. It is really terrible to think about what happened. People lost their significant others, mothers, fathers, etc. and I can’t imagine how that felt. I guess all you can is give them support for their losses. It just never seems like support is enough.

      I’m glad you left this comment. It made me really think about how important family really is. Thank you 🙂

      • I live in PA…..just North of Reading. NYC is only about a 2 1/2 hour drive East. It’s a very small town…the tallest buildings in town, are 7 or 8 stories max.

        You are right about how film/media does not capture what it’s like to be there. With each of our three children, the NYC experience includes pointing out different things… hearing foreign languages, contemplating the fact that standing on a NYC sidewalk – you have so many different people represented….all in one place. Looking around and seeing the different socio-economic classes…and how they all fit into society. They get practice reading a map….and helping navigate through the city. This last trip, with my daughter…and last of our three to go through the 10 year old weekend, included going to the Statue Of Liberty’s crown. It was a hard climb, but again, it’s an experience that one cannot have anywhere else. Of course, the trip included looking at Ellis Island,…a real glimpse into history in a real way (our family, both sides, included our ancestors going through immigration there).

        Anyway, I appreciate the comments…and the reminiscing about our trip. Thank you! =)

      • That sounds fantastic! The languages are one of my fav things about NY. It is amazing how many you hear at once.

        I hope your kids continue that tradition with theirs someday. What a great way to bind and teach children what the world is really like. 🙂

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