Strips of Geometric Vinyl Tape

A pretty neat post by My Modern Metropolis that I had to share. This is pretty awesome!


Glasgow-based artist Jim Lambie can transform any space into a visual delight with his geometric tape designs. Using everyday vinyl tape, he creates angles and lines of contrasting colors that suggest movement and optical illusions. He can convert a once empty and quiet room into a space filled with energy. As viewers enter a converted space, they instantly have a visual interaction with the artwork.

The labor-intenstive installations take up to several weeks to complete. When speaking about his work, Lambie says, “Is the room expanding or contracting? Covering an object somehow evaporates the hard edge off the thing, and pulls you towards more of a dreamscape.”

As a former musician, the artist draws on musical references as inspiration. Often, the titles of his pieces refer to iconic bands or songs, including The Doors, Morrison Hotel (2005), and Careless Whisper (2009). The pieces depend on the architecture of the space, and thus are unique and fleeting installations that cannot be exactly reproduced anywhere else.

Jim Lambie’s website

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8 thoughts on “Strips of Geometric Vinyl Tape

  1. I really love the stairs … Please tell me after all of that extensive labor, Mr. Lambie covers his floors with some sort of protective coating to preserve their beauty. I can’t imagine they would last long without it. Mr. Lambie must have an incredible amount of patience and a strong back to create these colorful masterpieces. Very original. 🙂 Nice share, Megan.

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