5 Great Gifts for Artists

As you know, I am a big fan of Etsy. I have my own shop and always support other artists if possible. When I can buy something from Etsy, rather than another website, I do. So, I was doing some of my own holiday shopping on there the other day and came across some great gifts for artists. There are so many people that tell me buying for an artist is really difficult, so I am going to help you out, assuming you are one of those people. If not, you might find something new and exciting. Click the images for a link to the Etsy page.


Leather sketchbook via FanyToshkovJournals $40.

I know the price sounds steep, but for an artist, price is nothing for a sketchbook. It has to be great quality paper. It also helps to have a pop of color and some leather!

eat, sleep,create,repeat mug

Eat, sleep, create, repeat mug via simplyprettyprints. $18.

Eat, sleep, create, repeat. As an artist, this is my whole day. And, typically, I start it off with coffee or tea, so this is perfect.

leather quote bracelet

Leather quote bracelet via belmonili. $20.

I love this one. I’m not crazy about leather bracelets, but I would definitelu buy this one, especially for the quote that is on it. This shop also takes custom orders so opportunies (for quotes) are limitless!

Coloring book

Coloring book via inkbook

I’m sure it sounds stupid, but coloring books are amazing. Think about every artist you know. Aren’t they constantly doodling? We do it to open our minds and get inspiration. Sometimes, though, the best place to get inspiration is in the world around us. Ink Book creates coloring books like the above images and they are a great way to open one’s mind. Give it a shot. Seriously.

Andy Warhol Clock

Andy Warhol Clock via AmericanDreamy. $10.99

Not all artists are Andy Warhol fans, but some are. And for those people, this is ideal. It is a unique gift!

It doesn’t have to be Andy Warhol though, there are plenty of these floating around on Etsy. You just have to look for them. This shop seems to have a few artists and musicians available.


Hopefully these few gift ideas helped you out a little bit. If you are still struggling though, try making something yourself. I know, you’re thinking I can’t make something for an artist because their work is better than mine. Don’t think like that. It isn’t “better”. It is different, and all artists have different ways of expressing themselves. We love handmade gifts!

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