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First, I want to apologize for my lack of posting the past few days. I got my wisdom teeth removed this weekend, so I haven’t been doing much of anything recently. But I still wanted to get a Make Something Mondays posted. It is a quick one, I promise.

The paper clip bookmark is a cute craft that takes about 5 minutes to make. It makes a fun last minute gift for the bookworm in your life.

bookmark materialsThings You Will Need:
Paper clips
Fabric or ribbons

paper-clip-bookmarkStep 1:
Cut your ribbon to slightly larger than twice the size of the paper clip.

ribbon bookmarkStep 2:
Tie your ribbon to the top of your paper clip, like in the image above. You can glue it in place if you want.



Happy crafting!! 🙂

15 thoughts on “DIY Paper Clip Bookmarks

  1. I loved this idea, dear Megan. Thank you. Do you think some ideas about New Year celebration dinner party, especially for dinner table? I really want to prepare something different this year… Let me know if you have. Thank you again, love, nia

    • Aww, I hope you feel better soon as well! Thanks for the well wishes. Let me ask you a question though, do you still feel super medicated from the surgery? I just can’t seem to get all of that out of my body.

      Glad you like my bookmarks 🙂 Quick and easy.

      • Thanks, Megan. Tonight will be the last time I have to take my antibiotics. Yay! Looking forward to it. Yes, I do feel super medicated and I know the antibiotics are supposed to help but they compound the problem. I have a sensitive body. Some people don’t have problem with all that medical stuff, but I do. I’m thinking about doing my own cleanse/detox system, loosely based the Master Cleanse. It’s basically Cayenne pepper, lemon and maple syrup, mixed in water. I will do it for 3 days. I believe others do it for 10 – 14 days. Many do it to lose weight, I’m told. I just want to do something short to clean out my system from the drugs put in it. Hope that makes sense. Overall, I’m feeling better. Yay! Hope you continue to feel better, too. 🙂

      • I have 1 more day of meds too! Yay! I am honestly celebrating that. My body is also very sensitive to medication as well.

        I’ve never been a fan of the idea of the cleanse, but i understand why you would want to do it. It might not be such a bad idea. Sounds like it would taste terrible though, haha.

      • Did you do your happy dance? No more antibiotics. 🙂

        I know what you mean about not being a fan of the idea of cleansing and I normally don’t do it; don’t think of it. However, I did it once before, when I had surgery and weeks, later, I could still feel and even smell the remnants of the anesthesia in my body and on my skin. Really weird. I did the cleanse thingy for three days and felt better. Perhaps, it was all in my head. LOL! But I think it helped. So far, I haven’t tried it for now. Instead, I’ll be baking some choco chip cookies. That will be my cleanser. LOL!

        BTW, the juice doesn’t taste bad at all — a little tart from the lemon but sweet from the maple syrup, with a little kick from the cayenne pepper.

      • Haha, I did a happy dance today, yes!!! I bet you did one as well 🙂

        Glad the cleanser was drinkable for you. I can definitely understand why you would want to do it, especially after that surgery. I don’t think it was in your head. I was told that anesthesia can last in your body for up to 1 month. Craziness!

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