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I wish I had this app when I graduated! I freelanced for a while and I did well but this would’ve made my life so much easier! So, graphic designers, take note! Download the app.

My advice to you:
* Get business cards
*MAKE your own website- these first two categories are essential to your success. Identity means so much for a business.
*Go to networking events such as AIGA get togethers.
*Talk about your work. No one knows you are doing it if you don’t talk about it
*Know what you’re doing. Or, at least, act like you do. No one wants a designer that doesn’t know how to do their job.
*Keep in touch with your professors. They can always help you out and answer your questions.
*Seriously, google it if you have questions, because you need the answers and you can’ t just keep asking the people you work with or for.

Freelancers, specifically designers currently or fresh out of school, often find it challenging to price themselves and their services to potential clients in an informed way. A new iOS app called MyPrice aims to solve this predicament.

The new app lets you calculate the amount you can reasonably charge for your professional services while factoring in your educational background, experience, the nature of your project, client and location.

With a few taps and swipes, designers can now figure out an ideal ballpark figure and best charging arrangement for their clients by including ideal hourly rates for varying initiatives, as well as the option to charge on a per-project basis. As a cloud-based software, MyPrice allows users to save the templates of their past projects for future reference.

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