3 Year Old Artist Controversy

I have no idea where this video originated so if you know please inform me. I’d love to give the kid (and/or his parents) some credit. I found it here and that link says to go here but I have a feeling there’s another one…

Also, there has been some skepticism going around about this video. A lot of people think it is fake. If you google 3 year old genius finger painter you will find comments such as:

I think it’s definitely possible but speeding up of footage makes it very easy to hide cuts. I’m undecided.

The thing that I find odd is that none of the other paintings shown have backgrounds, but this one does. Just strikes me as unusual.“<~~ Actually, they all have backgrounds… Not sure what this person is talking about.

when you can see all of the kid his hand is resting on the paper, not really doing anything… it’s only when they pull away to the painting hand that you can actually see the picture. There’s so much deliberate effort to not show the child in the frame actually painting, only the closeups of the hand and the pan outs of the child. I’m definitely voting faked.” <~~ But the hand, regardless, is a child’s hand. It is pudgy like a little kid’s hand would be.

Seriously makes me wonder if the paper was completely free of markings!

Then there are videos like this claiming that its “busted” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G92y4bWd5n4

Thoughts anyone?

12 thoughts on “3 Year Old Artist Controversy

  1. I would like to believe it is real, but I have been sceptical about a lot of things since *cough*David Acorah*cough*

    I would really like to see a full video from one position

  2. With technology such as it is today, it is hard to know what is real and what is fake. Sometimes the fake looks so real and the real can look totally fake. Will we ever know for sure? Probably not. My vote – fake.

  3. Looks like a combination of a talented boy and a bit of “handling”. Notice how the paper the boy picks up in the end to show his painting is kind of glossy like a color copy and perfectly flat, whereas a while before that paper was soaked from the water [a lot of water!]. It takes many hours for thick paper to go flat after painting on it with water based colors and still it will never be perfectly flat. This one is quite thin and a strangely glossy too…

  4. I thought it was real until i noticed in the beginning f the video, the bo has white paint on his fingers but when they switch the shot to just his hand, there’s no paint. It all just seems a little dodgy.

  5. I absolutely LOVE to see what talented young children can do…like young piano players etc. However…I was just skeptical enough of this that I did a frame by frame…and right around second 42 and 43..there is a frame or two where you can actually see a stick attached to that hand thing…its truly a shame! It sort of discredits all the REAL talent and videos out there. I love technology, but not when people use it like this to try to fool people.

    • If it isn’t real, I find it quite depressing. There’s a lot of controversy around it, so there are definitely people with suspicion.

      It is horrible that it could discredit other videos of other talented young artists.

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