Thijme Termaat

Wow, this artist is awesome!

Thijme Termaat is a Dutch painter that deserves some serious recognition. Click his name to check out his site.

“My name is Thijme Termaat (pronounced ‘tie-muh’ ‘tir-maat’). I was born on 19-01-1987 in Ursem, a small town in the north of Holland. After high school I went to the Design Academy Eindhoven hoping to express my creativity there. Half a year later I knew: I wanted to become a painter. So I quit my education and started to paint…”

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3 Year Old Artist Controversy

I have no idea where this video originated so if you know please inform me. I’d love to give the kid (and/or his parents) some credit. I found it here and that link says to go here but I have a feeling there’s another one…

Also, there has been some skepticism going around about this video. A lot of people think it is fake. If you google 3 year old genius finger painter you will find comments such as:

I think it’s definitely possible but speeding up of footage makes it very easy to hide cuts. Read the whole post

Interactive Starry Night

I found this article on and it looks like so much fun!


PSA: Interactive Starry Night now available for the iPad (video)

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Hoop Dancing?

Have you ever heard of hoop dancing? If not, I am more than happy to introduce you to it.

I was introduced to this particular type of dance through a friend. I had been part of a gymnastics team when I was young and danced the whole way through high school so this “hoop dancing” seemed pretty appealing to me. I remember hula hooping as a kid and loved it then. I am sure I would love it now, even if the hoop weighs more.   Read the whole post

I Am Pleased To Introduce The Epic Violinist… Lindsey Stirling!

A friend sent me this link the other day and I had to share it.

Make sure you check out her YouTube Channel and her Webpage for more videos and pictures.

 “I’ve played the violin for 18 years and I have done everything from playing church music as a Mormon missionary to playing hip hop on national TV. I absolutely LOVE to perform and more than anything I want to be a positive role model for teenage girls.
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