The Hemloft: The Ultimate Tree House

Hemloft tree house

Who doesn’t love a tree house? You can’t honestly say that you didn’t make a tree house as a kid, right? I hope not. I was always climbing around when I was little and making tree houses was one of my favorite past times. This tree house is waaaaay beyond anything I could’ve dreamed up though. this is just proof that you should never let go of your childhood hobbies. As an adult you can make them so much greater.

This tree house is better know as the Hemloft. It is a “secret” (and I put that in quotes because it can’t be a secret if there are pictures on the internet) tree house deep in the woods of Whistler, Canada. The maker used plywood ribs to make the frame and scavenged wood to fill in the rest. To learn more about the Hemloft, check out the original post on My Modern Met.

tree house windows Tree house entrance Hemloft's office space

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