DIY Candle Lamp

A cute (and cheap) decoration for a common room!  I am going to give you two (mini) tutorials today. Both fairly simple. 🙂



Things You Will Need:

Tape (or glue)
flameless tealights
Light scrapbook paper
Long stemmed candle holder



Tutorial #1 (the easier of the two):

Step 1:

Cut your scrapbook paper in a rectangular shape. Make sure your edges are even.



Step 2:

Wrap the paper around your candle holder to find the correct size. When you find it, hold the edges tightly and glue/tape the edges to each other. Put a flameless candle into the holder and place the shade over your candle holder. There is lamp #1.


Tutorial #2:

Step 1:

Cut your scrapbook paper in a shape similar to the above. This may take a couple of tries so practice on notebook paper is advised. You will want to make sure the edges match up.



Step 2:

Add in the flameless candle and the shade and you have candle lamp #2.




Happy crafting!




10 thoughts on “DIY Candle Lamp

  1. I am new to this site and just stumbling around by clicking on “tags” that interest me. I picked Art and was lead to your wonderful blog. How creative you are! I have started a few blogs in the past but life always gets in the way of me continuing them ( bad excuse). I have a lot of time on my hands and blogging ( or anything creative) is very therapeutic to a healing mind, body and spirit. I am in the process of looking around but my goal in the next week is to write my into and from then the skies the limit. I hope you will stop by and have time for constructive prompts… Not that you can really get anything ” wrong ” when blogging. No pressure since I just stumbled upon you and now I’m inserting myself into you life… Now I sound psycho,,, lol… Take care and I look forward to looking over the rest of your site and this new community!

  2. This is amazing I loved it… I want to make it too… I will share with you when I find them and make something similar… Thank you so much, with my love, nia

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