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I have run out of options for Father’s Day. I’ve tried to be creative and I’ve been rational and bought things that my dad needs, I’ve ordered tons of books because he reads more than I do and I was just running out of options. So, my dad loves almonds, peanuts, cashews, etc. so I thought this would be perfect for him. It took less than an hour (excluding drying time for the Mod Podge). Simple stuff.

If you’re wondering why I am posting this so late it is because I wasn’t going to see my dad until this weekend and I couldn’t risk him seeing it before he received it. Yes, dad, I know you read this occasionally and with my luck it would’ve been on a day right before Father’s Day.



Things You Will Need:
Paint brush
Mod Podge
Scrapbook paper




Step 1:

Make sure your bottles are clean and dry. You don’t want your snacks smelling funky.



Step 2:

Measure and cut the scrapbook paper to cover the sides of your carrier. Add a light layer of Mod Podge to the carrier and adhere the scrapbook paper. Work your way around until the entire carrier is covered. Set that aside to dry.



Step 3:

Measure and cut the scrapbook paper the fit the size of your lid. Add a light layer of Mod Podge to the top of the lid and adhere yours scrapbook paper. You can also add scrapbook paper to the sides of the lid if you would like to. Set that aside to dry.




Step 4:

Measure and cut your paper to fit around your bottle like a label. Glue this in place.

*Once everything has dried (give it about 5 mins each) put a layer of Mod Podge over the top of the scrapbook paper. Make sure you get the edges of the carrier and where the label overlaps.



Step 5:

When everything is dry go ahead and add in your snack of choice.


Yay! Snack gifts are wonderful!

Happy snacking!

9 thoughts on “DIY Gift

    • Aww thanks! I really had to delve into my brain because I couldn’t think of anything else. That’s so stupid though because it’s such a simple concept. Ohh well, it worked out well 🙂

    • You can use other bottles! I just went with those because the bottle had a big neck. Try the old style coca cola bottles or even mason jars! You would just have to build a carrier for those.

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