Boyfriends Aren’t Always Right…

but who ever said they were? I’m just kidding. My boyfriend is pretty wonderful but he seems to think I spend too much time on my computer and my phone updating my blog, checking email, on social networks, etc. I disagree and think that if I spend too much time on my devices then he spends too much time with his X-box. So, we’ve made an agreement. Starting tonight, he is packing away his Xbox until Saturday morning and I will be avoiding all social networks, games and yes, my blog.  However, I am not okay with giving up my blog for a week so we decided that I could prepare 5 blog posts in advance for each day of the week and post them from my phone each day. Meaning, I will be posting but I am not allowed to comment. He doesn’t think I’ll make it but I am going to prove him wrong.  So, wish me luck and don’t desert me! I will answer comments at the end of the week or this weekend, promise.


Thanks for your support!



13 thoughts on “Boyfriends Aren’t Always Right…

  1. You can do it and when you come back … we are all here! 😀 [I can relate … my husband says the same! But, he won’t agree to let go of his phone so, I lucked out! LOL!]

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