DIY Glitter Wine Glasses


DIY glitter glasses! These glasses are the third gift in the Make Something Mondays Holiday Gift Series. They are a great gift and are easy to make.

materialsThings You Will Need:
Glass Paint
Wine Glass
Paint Sponge

glitter glass paint

Step 1:

Add some tape around the top of your glass as a barrier and paint on a thin layer of glass glitter paint. Let it dry.
Keep the paint below where your lips will touch the glass. Obviously, this isn’t something you want to consume.

glitter paintStep 2:

Tape off the bottom and paint on a thin layer. Let it dry.


Step 3:

Continue painting on the layers until you have your preferred amount.

diy glitter glasses

Step 4:

When you are done, peel off the tape and admire.


TahDah! Glitter glasses. They don’t take too long to dry but you should let them sit for 21 days after painting them before using or washing them. Then, they will be dishwasher safe and everything!

Happy crafting!

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