DIY Hair Accessories

I am going to be honest… this is not the project I had originally planned for my MakeSomethingMondays craft. I was going to make something else but it didn’t work the way I wanted it to 🙁  I won’t go into detail though because I plan to try it again. Anyway, I suppose I work well under pressure because these are pretty cute! I was proud of myself for improvising.

My cousin’s bridal shower was this weekend and the accessory I used for my hair accessory was from her shower. I am not sure exactly what the sunflowers were attached to but it was something that ended up in my purse. Thank you Becca for using these in your shower ;-).

You are 2 steps away from cute barrettes!

Things You Will Need:
Accessory of some sort
Hot melt glue
Bobby Pins

*yes, this is ALL you will need.

Step 1:

Apply an ample amount of hot melt glue to your bobby pin.

Step 2:

Press your accessory into to the glue. (Make sure it is centered.)  Hold it in place for a few seconds to make sure it will stay where you want it.

Look how cute! If I wore yellow a lot I would wear these every day! So cute!

I think I’ve developed a small obsession. I’m going to make more!

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