So, a few weeks ago I posted a few videos of hoop dancing. I have taken an interest in this dance style for a while now so it was time to buy an adult hula hoop. Are you kidding me? Why buy one when I can make one? So here it is.


Things You Will Need:

Duct tape and/or electrical tape (colorful duct tape can be found at 5 Below or online and you can get electrical tape at Lowe’s)

PVC Cutters (Lowe’s)

Connectors (plastic, at Lowe’s)

PVC Piping (160 psi, 3/4″) You can use a lower psi if you don’t plan on putting anything in the tubing for extra weight. (Lowe’s



Step 1:

Using the PVC cutters, make a cut so that the length of the tubing (in hoop shape) comes from the ground to a bit above your belly button.



Step 2:

Use a hair dryer to heat the ends of the tubing. It needs to expand slightly so that the connector will fit inside. If you don’t have a hair dryer, this can be performed with boiling water. BUT don’t leave the tubing in the water too long. You don’t want it to melt.



Step 3:

Put the connector between the two ends of tubing and push them together. Do this quickly because the expansion won’t last long.



Step 4:

Now you can decorate! This is the best part! I chose colored duct tape and electrical tape.

Warning: Duct tape does not lay as smoothly as electrical tape because of the threading.




YAY! A homemade hula hoop.

Happy hooping!




19 thoughts on “DIY HULA HOOP!

  1. Ah the wonders of Duct tape! What would we do without it? Thank you for the ‘make your own hula hoop’ lesson. Great idea. Thanks for sharing.

    • You have to buy a lot of piping unfortunately. It only comes in packs of 100 ft. It is always helpful if you know a few other people who want one as well and are willing to split the cost with you.

      For a full grown adult, when you lay the piping on the floor and pull the ends up toward your head (so you are making the hula hoop shape) it should come somewhere between your belly button and your chest. The bigger the hoop the easier it is to work with. The smaller it is the faster it moves around your body.

  2. Hi- I am looking to make one (or several) of these for my daughter. She is 7. Do you recommend that I put any “weights” in it, and if so, what do you use for that? Thank you SO much for the tutorial! I had no idea people made their own hoops, but I do know that the cheap ones you can buy are HORRIBLE!

    • Hi Olivia! Thanks for checking out my blog. If your daughter is 7 I would not recommend weights because most people use the weights for weight loss. She will surely have abs of steel but will prob weigh about 40 lbs.

      Also, if she is thin I would recommend using some padding. Maybe some thick tape? I have pretty boney hips and if I use a hoop that isn’t padded it turns them black and blue.

      Let me know id you have other questions. I’m happy to answer them! Good luck.

    • You can use sand (which i would recommend) or small weights about the size of bouncy balls. The sand seems to work better since it balances out a bit better. Make the hula hoop the way I made it here but add the sand before you fasten the edges of the tubing.

      Also, if you plan to add weights, I would buy some padding to put around the tubing. I think a foam strip would work fine. If the hoop is too heavy, it might bruise your hips.

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