A Lady of Many Talents

Michelle Curiel is an artist who lives in Hollywood, CA. She is a lady of many talents but I greatly enjoy her colorful sketchbook illustrations. It seems as if it is a way for her to vent and relax. It gives you a peek into her mind.  They are mindful doodles, if you will…

I first found michelle on Instagram, an app for cell phones. I, then, was perusing Deviant Art a short time afterward and found her on there so I began to follow her work. She is really a fun and unique artist and she does what she wants. She doesn’t draw because others will like it. She draws because she loves it. That is something that is truly amazing. She deserves some serious recognition!

In addition to illustration, Michelle makes colorful feather mohawk, paintings, drawings, website designs, and takes a bit of her own photography. Please check out her links.


Michelle’s Links:

Deviant Art      Personal Portfolio

Facebook         Tumblr

Art Bistro         Web Design

Etsy                   Twitter
















14 thoughts on “A Lady of Many Talents

  1. Your work is phenomenal! I love the bright colors, and the balance in your drawings, Michelle. And while not as colorful, the woman kneeling, with her hand pressed against her forehead is spectacular. Capturing the human form is not an easy feat. These are all wonderful examples of your talent. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

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  4. Beautiful work, Michelle. I draw a lot, and I only draw what I like, not what anyone else thinks I “should” draw. It’s such an excellent way to just DO….that’s all, just do. You’ve got an exquisite sense of color, and that is what caught my eyes first. You DO very well in your arts.

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