Freshly Pressed??? THANK YOU!

When I logged into my blog yesterday I had noticed that my views went through the roof and I had about 100 comments that needed tended to. What is going on? I was FRESHLY PRESSED! Great, but what exactly does that mean? I had seen the freshly pressed page and had looked at the posts before but I thought they were all chosen at random. I decided to do some research on it because I kept seeing “Congrats on being freshly pressed” in my comments section. It has to be more than random then.

With the help of WordPress and google I stumbled upon (not literally, I did not use Mahfooz’s Expositions‘ blog. This post that I found gave me some insight.

“Every aspiring blogger dreams of being ‘freshly pressed’. Freshly Pressed, for those unfamiliar faces, is a section where WordPress admins select and publish blogs that are entertaining, enlightening or inspiring. Not only does it increase the traffic to your blog by thousands, but also that the mass public will actually read and enjoy your blog. It’s much like getting a ‘certified’ stamp over your work. Being freshly pressed means you have reached the standard of being a semi-pro or professional blogger. But to be selected out of over half a million blogs is an accomplishment that many people, including myself, have yet to achieve.”


When I first started my blog in Nov 2011 I was pretty apprehensive about it. I am not much of a writer and I didn’t know much about blogging. I had never read more than 30 blogs in my life (intentionally) much less follow one. Ohh well, I thought, I’ll give it a shot… And here I am 4 months later. I can’t thank my viewers and followers enough for giving me confidence through your likes and comments. I greatly appreciate each and every one of them and I hope that you continue to enjoy my own work as well as other artists’ work that I post.

WordPress admins: THANKS A TON! 🙂

9 thoughts on “Freshly Pressed??? THANK YOU!

  1. I only started blogging in November too, so I’m still trying to figure out a few things here. Thanks for writing this little ditty as I wasn’t aware that wordpress chooses article content randomly. Good to know. Thanks for sharing the knowledge! 🙂

  2. Congratulations of being freshly pressed. Been looking through your blog, and I must say very well deserved. Keep up the good work, and thank you for quoting me 🙂

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