DIY Missing Sock Station

missing socks

This is probably the most used craft I will ever make. I lose my socks all the time. Seriously, I am pretty sure that dryer lint is the remains of my missing socks. So, my solution is the Missing Sock Station.




materials for DIY Sock Station

Things You Will Need:
Wood Glue
Clothes Pins
Paint, water, brushes




Yellow paint on wood

Step 1:

Paint your wood a solid color.




Yellow clothes pins

Step 2:

While you wait for the wood to dry, paint your clothes pins.




Missing sock station

Step 3:

Your wood should be dry by now. Grab a MASSIVE sharpie and start writing. You can use paint if you prefer but I think the sharpie is a bit more clean.





Missing socks

Step 4:

When both the clothes pins and wood are dry, you can use your wood glue to adhere the pins to the wooden board.





Step 5:

Cut some string a bit longer than the length of the wooden board. Glue each end of the string to the edges of the board ( a bit high than center). Let the dry.

*Surely there is a better way of hanging this, but I am being lazy tonight and I know that this is going to work. So, if you are aware of better ways to hang this thing then go for it!



missing socks

B-E-A-UUUU-Tiful! This is will be so helpful!

Happy crafting 😀

17 thoughts on “DIY Missing Sock Station

  1. What a brilliant idea …. wish I had this when I was living with my partner – don’t use sock myself. One of the best I seen so fare, especially if you have kids in the household. I vote for an Oscar for this.

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