DIY Origami Flowers

I used to love origami when I was little but I always disliked flowers. They die so quickly so there is really no point in keeping them… in my opinion. So, I combined the two and made origami flowers. This way, they can be admired and I can keep them as long as I want. 🙂

I will warn you, this project can take a while depending on the amount of flowers you want to make. I made 13 flowers and it took me about 2 hours. BUT you could do it with your kids or some friends and really cut down the time. If you want to be sure you will get flowers for Mother’s Day then do it with your kids 😉


Things you will need:
Any kind of paper


Step 1:

Cut your paper into a square. I chose to rip my paper to give it more of a natural feel but you can cut yours if your would like.



Step 2:

Fold one corner to meet the opposite corner.



Step 3:

Now, bring the other two corners to meet each other so that there is a crease down the center of your triangle.



Step 4:

Bring one of the corners to to the top of the paper. Do the same thing with the opposite corner. Your paper should be in the shape of a diamond.



Step 5:

Pull one of the folds so that the fold in the middle meets the edge. Do the same thing with the opposite side.




Step 6:

Unfold and pull the center outward so that you have two kite-shaped pieces.


Step 7:

Fold the top of each kite down so the top fold is even with the original diamond.



Step 8:

Now take the part you just folded down and fold it backwards into the kite shape.



Your paper should currently look like this.



Step 9:

Fold the edge of each kite inward on the crease in the center of the kite so it looks like this.



Step 10:

Fold the outer edges together and glue them so your paper looks like the above picture.



Repeat the above steps until you have a flower.



Yay! Flowers!


Happy folding! 🙂

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  1. I love these Im attempting to make them but was wondering after u do the petals how do u put them together? Thanks!

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