DIY Valentine’s Day Button Heart Canvas

DIY Valentine's Day Button Heart Canvas

I still can’t believe 2015 has started, and now Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Ugh. Time moves too fast doesn’t it?

I was contemplating my craft for today and thought, Wow, Valentine’s Day is only a few weeks away. I should make a craft for it. And what do you think of when you think of the love-inspired holiday? Right, hearts.

I found some burlap canvas at Walmart (surprisingly) along with red and white multi-sized buttons and decided that it would make a nice craft. Bonus: I paid about $5 for everything.

Button hearts are lovely aren’t they?

Valentine's Day burlap heart canvas materials

Things You Will Need:
Hot-melt glue
Burlap canvas

button heart on canvas

Step 1
Lay out your buttons on the burlap canvas in the color combination you prefer. Since I want to make a red and white striped heart, I alternated the colors.

When you’re happy with the heart shape, glue them down.

buttons on canvas

button heart valentines day canvas

Step 2
Start gluing down buttons into the stripes your set up. Alternate as you go.

DIY Valentine's Day Button Heart Canvas

When you’re finished, you’ll have a love-inspired canvas to hang on your wall (or set on a shelf) to decorate for Valentine’s Day.

I like it, but now that I’m done with it, I kind of wish I would’ve thrown a row of pink buttons in there. I guess I’ll just have to make some more 🙂

Hope you like it! Happy crafting!

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