How Many Knots?

Have you ever been to  It is a pretty cool site. I’m not a knot expert or anything, but this site has a ton of video tutorials on how to tie just about every knot you can think of. Well, at least more than the knots that cross my mind.

This site was created by J.D. Lenzen.  J.D. is the creator of the well known YouTube channel “Tying It All Together”.   He’s been formally recognized by the International Guild of Knot Tyers (IGKT) for his contributions to knotting.

Pretty neat stuff.  See some examples below. BUT seriously, there are so many! Don’t just stop with these. Each image is linked for you 🙂 Enjoy!

Ashley’s Flower Knot

Back-to-Back Zipper Sinnet

Basket Weave Knot

Blaze Bar

Bumble Bee Knot

Celtic Bar

Corkscrew Crown Sinnet

Dragon’s Egg Paracord Pouch

Wide Solomon Bar

6 thoughts on “How Many Knots?

  1. I am hopeless with knots, bows, and any other sort of tying. I can do the shoe lace tie and that’s about the extent of my skills. I stopped at the site and some of them look awesome. Thanks for the link. I’ll be improving my crafting prowess!

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