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13 Disturbing Works of Art by Female Artists – via Mental Floss

I am all about expression through art. When I’m angry and I paint… oh boy, nobody wants to get in the way of that. Sometimes I will shut myself in a room for a few days and and draw or paint until I feel better. It is like art therapy, kind of. It works out that way though because I get out all of my frustrations and nobody has to deal with it.

Apparently I am not the only one either. I found this post on Mental Floss and was quite amused. Even though I’ve seen these before I never realized they were all painted by female artists. I’m sure male artists can do a number on their canvases too…

If you click either of the links above you can read a brief description of each work of art.

1. Artemesia Gentileschi – Judith and her Maidservant

2. Frida Kahlo – Without Hope

3. Lavinia Fontana – Portrait of Antonietta Gonzalez

4. Rosa Bonheur – The Duel

5. Paula Rego – War

6. Herrad of Landsberg – Hell, from Hortus deliciarum

7. Josefa de Obidos – The Sacrificial Lamb

8. Giulia Lama – The Martyrdom of Saint Eurosia

9. Camille Claudel – Clotho

10. Evelyn De Morgan – The Field of the Slain

11. Kathe Kollwitz – The Last Thing

12. Maruja Mallo – Antro de Fosiles

13. Remedios Varo – Fenomeno

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