#inktober Drawings: Round 2

Dancing trees ink drawing

Dancing trees

This is my 2nd round of drawings for #inktober. The first week, I was catching up on the drawings I missed in the first week of October, although, I still haven’t completely caught up yet. Each of these were inspired by things I’ve seen or thought about throughout the week.

Let me know if you think of any good subjects for me to draw. I still have about 2 weeks left before the challenge is over. The more ideas the better.

If you’re totally confused as to why I’m creating 1 ink drawing a day, you missed my #inktober post. That should clear it up.

Don’t forget to share your favorite with me!

Boating on the lake

Boating on the lake

Skull drawing


Pink butterfly for Breast Cancer Awareness

Pink butterfly for Breast Cancer Awareness

random ink doodle

Random doodles inspired by the car post from yesterday and partially by Jennifer!

Morning coffee inspiration for #inktober

I drink coffee just about every morning. I decided to draw my coffee today.


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