Girlfriend Covers Boyfriend’s Skyline In Sharpie Drawings

Sharpie doodles on car bumper

I’ve always wanted to draw on my car.

But I knew it would take FOREVER to finish it and I’m in impatient person so that never happened. So, when I saw these pictures and read the story (It’s 6 pages long, but totally worth the read), I wanted to share it with everyone I know.

This guy was looking to buy a Skyline but only wanted one in purple. He ended up settling on a silver version and intended to repaint it. In the meantime, his girlfriend, who happens to be a talented artist, started drawing over the scratches on the front bumper to cover them up. The car was going to get repainted anyway, so it didn’t really matter.

The next day, the guy comes outside and sees how incredible the drawing looked on the car and asked her to keep going.

She used over 20 markers and spent over 100 hours drawing on the car and it looks amazing. You seriously have to dig through the whole post because there are a ton of pictures and the comments are amusing as well.

Woman drawing on a car

Thanks to Jennifer for posting about this on Facebook! I never would’ve seen it if you hadn’t.

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