#inktober Drawings: Weeks 1-2

It’s that time of year again… #inktober!!!!!

You can’t tell I’m excited, can you?

If you’ve never heard of inktober, you should read about it, but I’ll give you a quick overview. Every year, for the month of October, artist, and non-artists, practice their ink skills by creating one ink drawing a day for each day in October. You can share it with the rest of us, or not, but we would love to see it! Watching skills progress throughout the month is one of the best parts of the challenge.

This is my second year participating and I’d love it if you joined me and the rest of the inktober community. The best place to follow along is Instagram, but I look at TwitterFlickr and Pinterest sometimes too.

Here are my drawings since the first of the month. I will post a new set of drawings every Sunday.

If you have any ideas for drawings, please share them in the comments! If I use your idea, I’ll tag you (if you leave contact info or a link to your blog) so you can see it.

ink bottle drawing inktober

I always start the first day of inktober with the word in my drawing. This year, I decided on a literal representation with an ink bottle and pen.

zentangle spider web inktober

Zentangle spider web.

zentangle flower drawing inktober

Zentangle flowers.

dandelion  drawing inktober

Dandelions in a field.

pumpkin drawing inktober

Small pumpkins.

tree moon drawing inktober

Trees and moon.

zentangle star drawing inktober

Zentangle star.

zombie drawing inktober

A little bit of zombie action.

sad scarecrow drawing inktober

A scarecrow. I really wasn’t feeling it that day and it reflects in the work. But it’s still inktober!

haunted tree drawing inktober

Haunted tree,forrest.

More drawings to come next week! If you’re participating in inktober, I’d love to follow you. Tell me where you’re posting!

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