DIY Halloween Potion Bottles

DIY halloween potion bottles

Every year around Halloween I’ve thought about making my own potion bottles for a Make Something Monday craft, but somehow I always get side tracked and end up working on something else. Not this year though!

This year, I planned these bottles into my craft timeline with one small change. The original plan was to design my own labels, but I found these on and fell in love with them. They’re perfect!

halloween potion bottle materials

Halloween Potion Bottle Materials

Paint brush
Mod Podge
Glue gun (not pictures)
Labels (which you can download here)

I got my bottles at Pat Catan’s but you can probably get them at any craft or hobby store, especially around this time of year.

halloween bottles and labels

Step 1

Clean off your bottles and print and cut out your labels.

Note: The original labels from are pretty big. My bottles were smaller so I had to shrink the labels to fit on my bottles.

potion bottle labels

Step 2

Using your brush and Mod Podge, adhere the labels to the bottles.

I put a layer on the back of the label and then another layer over the top to protect the paper.

tweed rope

Step 3

Hot glue your rope to the bottles and your finished!

DIY halloween potion bottles

Pretty fun, right? Now, you can spice up your Halloween party! Fill the bottles up with some beer, cider, wine, or whatever you’d like, and serve.

Happy crafting!

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