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ideal portable craft space

It might surprise you that I don’t have a craft room since I’ve been crafting and sharing tutorials on this blog for almost 3 years now. I’ve always worked on my projects at my kitchen table or on the floor (depending on the potential mess level). So, it’s about time that I start thinking about making a craft area to call my own.

Why haven’t I thought about this yet? Well, I have location commitment issues. I’ve moved 7or 8 times in the past few years. Not because I had to, but because I get bored doing the same things all the time. If I live in the same town too long, I see the same scenes, go to the same restaurants… you get the point.

So, long story short, my designated craft area has to be something that is portable. I won’t be able to depend on anything permanent like built-in bookshelves or drawers to hold my supplies. Here’s my plan.

My Portable Craft Space Wishlist

Inspirational Artwork

Lot 1410 Abstract Oil Painting

Lot 1410 Abstract Oil Painting by Thomas Lee

Any good craft space needs some inspiration, right? So I would pick vibrant, colorful artwork like this oil painting to hang within view of my craft table. I love how the colors blend so well, but each one still clearly defines a new section. Gorgeous!

I found it on if you want to check it out. There are a ton of great paintings on that site in different genres, mediums, etc. Good stuff.

Portable Craft Table

DIY craft table

DIY craft table via House on the Way

You know I love DIY projects so, of course, I’m going to make a craft table myself, if at all possible. I found this really great tutorial on House on the Way on how to make your own. It’s small, looks like it’s lightweight and has storage space on the sides. I think I would make mine a bit longer so that it had a little extra storage space, but I really like everything about this one.

Filing cabinet

fabric storage for small spaces

via Sew Many Ways

I know, a filing cabinet in a craft room? I would’ve thought I was crazy too, until I saw this post on the Sew Many Ways blog. If you cut hanging folders in half, you can lay fabric over each section and file it away. I doubt I have that much fabric, so I could probably fit it all into one drawer and use the others for extra storage. This system is perfect for those of us who don’t have a lot of space.

Extra Storage

Spinning storage

DIY Spinning storage caddy via HGTV

I loved this idea that I found on the HGTV website. This cute storage caddy is made out of a lazy susan, cake pans, and candle sticks that were glued together. This could sit on top of the craft table with my most-used items like Mod Podge, scissors, a hot glue gun and sticks, etc. I could paint it orange to match that lovely painting!

tin can pencil holder

tin can pencil holder via Better Homes and Gardens

I could finish it off with some up-cycled tin cans for pencil and marker storage. I seriously have a ton of colored pencils, pens and markers that I could put in these. Then I could decorate them with some orange and yellow scrapbook paper.

What do you think? Do you have any more ideas for me?

8 thoughts on “My Portable Craft Space

  1. Your craft room ideas look excellent, everything so organized and tidy! My studio and classroom could never be that organized because of many people who take part in classes and workshops, and I need all the stuff to be accessible every second which means paint tubes of many media on shelves and desks, containers and table easels, half-done and in progress works everywhere, etc. This craft table looks very good. I designed my on my own and it’s getting done at the moment. You will be very happy with a specifically designed crafting or painting table. I’d suggest you keep some stuff in easy accessible boxes. That works fairly well for me: I just grab it and take away before the class starts and I need desks empty from my stuff.
    Good crafter like you definitely deserves a nice space!

    • That’s great that you are getting your own crafting table made! Will you post pictures? I would love to see it. I think it would definitely be hard to keep a clean crafting area with your situation. Totally understand why you work the way to do. 🙂

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