Need a Valentine’s Day Gift For Her?

I have never been into holidays but Valentine’s Day is coming up so lets do something fun for it. If you are going to give her something you should give her something that you’ve made. If she is a good girl, she will appreciate it. It isn’t about the money… its about the thought. (At least it should be.) So, here is a DIY tutorial for paper beads which you can use to made her a bracelet or a necklace. I was skeptical about trying this but I really do like the results.

This is fairly low cost so that is always a good thing. The most expensive parts were the string (I used elastic string), the eyelets and the Mod Podge. I would say you shouldn’t spend much more than $10 on materials.

*You should do this in a well ventilated area. The chemicals from the glue and nail polish can be a bit much.

Pretty cute, yeah? Let’s begin then.

Things You Will Need:

  • Magazine
  • Mod podge
  • Exacto knife
  • String, wire or hemp
  • Disposable paint brush
  • Thick needle or toothpick
  • Paper clips (large if possible)
  • Eyelet (connectors for your bracelet or necklace)

Step 1:

Cut up a few pages of your magazine into slender triangles like the above. You can choose whichever shape you would like for your beads.

Step 2:

Begin wrapping your paper (thick side first) around your toothpick or needle.

Step 3:

Use your paint brush to cover your soon-to-be bead in Mod Podge. Open up your paper clip and move your bead from the needle (or toothpick) to the open paper clip to dry.

Step 4:

Find some clear nail polish and coat the soon-to-be bead for a glossy shine.

Step 5:

Open up a another paper clip and transfer your bead from your needle (or toothpick) to the paper clip.

Step 6:

Once again, prop your paper clips up on something to dry.

Step 7:

Attach one of your eyelets to your string of choice. Begin to string your beads. Attach your other eyelet and connect. Tah daaah! A pretty bracelet!

I hope you like this one. It is cute, light weight and can be very trendy! 🙂 Happy beading!

These bracelets will be available in my Etsy Shop if you are interested in purchasing one.

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