New Year, New Eggs!

I guess when I was young I enjoyed dying easter eggs. I can’t tell you when the last time I took part in this activity was… I think that is depressing. The best part about holidays is the crafts! And Family of course. So I have been searching for some new and inventive ideas and I am going to share them with you. Since it is Friday, you will have two days to get your ideas together. That’s reasonable, right?

As always, click the pictures for each tutorial! Enjoy!

Several small tutorial for each egg.

Rubber band egg design

Accessorize your eggs!

Star design

Several cute ideas here

Watercolor eggs

Marble eggs

Tie-dyed eggs

Several more ideas

Silk pattern

cracked eggs- scroll toward the bottom

14 thoughts on “New Year, New Eggs!

  1. we used to write things on the eggs with a white crayon, then color them, and then see the messages we wrote to each other. while that in NO way compares to these, it was still fun making something instead of just buying something already made by someone else.

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