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As many of you know, I have a small obsession with packaging design. It is so intriguing! If you think about it, what really catches your attention? I bet you haven’t thought about it. How do you design packaging that will stand out on a shelf of 100s, maybe 1000s of products? You’ve only got one shot to get your audience’s attention in a store and if you design doesn’t stand out then that is business you’ve lost… in less than a second. I love it!

My favorite website, thus far, for packaging design is Packaging of the World. I go on this site every now and then to see what kind of inspiration is out there. This site is awesome because it features packaging from around the world and there is nothing better to see all kinds of creative minds at work.

Today I found these designs. Click the images for a link to the design.

If you have any other good packaging design sites I would love to hear about them!


Honey and olives

Designed by mousegraphics, Greece

food-wealth-olive-packaging food-wealth-packaging

A rich, but simple design created to appeal to all of the different foreign markets.

Bolu, Fine tea

Designed by Curious Design, New Zeland


Original, contemporary packaging designed to look like an “umbrella”. The tea packaging is meant to capture the tea’s individuality.



Young Wine Torrelongares

Designed by Víctor Montalbán of Montalbán Estudio Gráfico, Spain



This packaging was intended to differentiate these bottles from the competition. The idea is to bring together the wine world with typography to make a visual impact.



Ivolia LED light Bulbs

Designed by DePOT Design, Czech Republic



This design is very unique. This LED light bulb design was created with originality and ecology in mind. The box is made of one piece of recycled paper. No glue was involved.



Eat&Go Concept

Designed by Frutodashiki, Russia




A package created for meals on the go. These plastic acordian-like containers hold soup or sandwiches. The cap allows you to securely close your unfinished meal or save it for later.



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